Learning The Gardening Basics

Learning The Gardening Basics

  • Using A Tractor In Your Garden

    Many people think that tractors serve a purpose only on large farms. While farmers have relied on tractors to help them manage their fields for many years, small tractors can also play a valuable role in helping you maintain your home garden. Here are three simple ways that you can benefit from having access to a small tractor when developing a garden on your property in the future: 1. A tractor can help you remove large rocks.

  • A Basic Shopping Guide For First-Time Gardeners

    Landscaping a yard means choosing plants, shrubs and trees to provide color and interest. Shopping from a nursery means seeing what you want in a variety of stages and having a knowledgeable staff available for any last minute questions. Here are the stages, from the decision to delivery, of beginning the process of decorating a yard.  Making a Decision When just beginning a new landscape it is important to start small.

  • Hosting A Springtime Garden Party? Make Sure To Rent These Items

    The arrival of spring makes many people eager to get outdoors, and there's no better way to celebrate the changing of the season than with a garden party in your backyard. While you might be eagerly deciding what you'll serve and coming up with a guest list, it's also valuable to give some thought to which items you'll want to rent to keep everyone comfortable. You may wish to rent plates, glasses, and cutlery to avoid having to use your own items, but there are a number of other things that you'll want to rent to augment your gathering.

  • Adding The Appearance Of Space To A Tiny Yard With Landscaping Tricks

    If your home is located on a small parcel, you most likely wish to have your land look a bit more expansive. There are several landscaping tricks that can help make a small yard appear larger. Here are some simple ways you can use to give the illusion of more land in your yard. Try A Curved Walkway When a straight sidewalk leads from the street toward your home, the eyes are naturally drawn to the front of the house quickly, making the viewer pay attention to less of the surroundings leading up to the porch area.

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    Learning The Gardening Basics

    Once I bought my first home, I realized I wanted to dedicate a portion of the yard for a garden. I wanted to grow some fruits and veggies that I could use inside for cooking, but I wasn't sure how to get started. Fortunately, a neighbor of mine heard about my project and suggested a great continuing education class about beginning gardening. When I started going, I was overwhelmed, but I quickly realized that the information was valuable and interesting. Check out this website for details about the garden equipment and supplies you need to ensure a beautiful, bountiful garden.